The Best Snick Shows Ever

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Vote up the shows that aired as part of Nickelodeon's Snick and Snick House that you wish were still running new episodes today.

On Saturday nights in the '90s, there was only one place to be: on the couch, watching Snick. Much like ABC's TGIF programming block, Nickelodeon's Snick shows are still remembered fondly today as some of the most memorable shows from childhood. For two hours every Saturday night, from 1992-2004, Snick aired preteen and teen programming that '90s kids loved. But which "Saturday Night" Snick (get it?) shows do you wish were still on the air today?

Though the Nickelodeon channel still has a Saturday night programming block, nothing can top the glory days of Snick, with classic shows like "All That," "Kenan and Kel," and "Clarissa Explains it All." Kenan Thompson, Amanda Bynes, and Melissa Joan Heart all got their starts on Snick shows and went on to continued success for many years.

What are the best Snick shows that aired on Nickelodeon? Upvote your favorite Snick shows below, those that take you back to those '90s Saturday nights, trying to sleep after watching "Are You Afraid of the Dark?". And if you love these shows, you'll love our list of classic 90s Nick cartoons.

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