The Best SNL Musical Performances

The best SNL musical performances are those special moments where the musical guest on Saturday Night Live has wowed the audience with an especially great or memorable performance. Each Saturday Night Live episode features a musical guest, usually a band or singer popular at the time, who plays two or three songs in between the comedy sketches. While often these performances are good but not great, in these instances they stole the show.

For many of these great SNL music performances, the appearance on the long-running NBC show was some of the best and most memorable live performances for these musicians. It's hard to forget when Nirvana appeared in 1992, Patti Smith played in 1976 or Pearl Jam rocked out in 1992, the same when Radiohead, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and The Blues Brothers performed on the iconic SNL stage.

Though we remember those SNL musical guests for their high quality performances, others are remembered for including a bit (or in some cases a lot) of controversy. Elvis Costello was banned from SNL for over a decade after playing the media-trashing "Radio, Radio" in his 1977 appearance. Ashlee Simpson became the talk of the town after her dreadful 2004 lip-syncing incident on SNL. But few compare to the 1992 appearance from Sinead O'Connor during which she tore up a photo of the pope in an awkward unscripted moment.

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