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Saturday Night Live has produced many memorable sketches since the 1970s. Each sketch relies on a specific bit to draw humor from, and in many of those sketches, music is the driving force. With only a week to write and produce the sketches, it's actually quite impressive how the SNL team can create unique songs in such a short amount of time. Which of these SNL musical skits do you like best? Take a trip down memory lane to recall the sketches that had you rolling on the floor laughing. 

One of the first musical sketches the show put on was The Blues Brothers. Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd played the eponymous brothers who would go on to star in their own movie. Another musical team that eventually got their own movie was The Roxbury Guys. You can definitely pick these guys out of a line-up for the unusual way they dance when "What Is Love?" starts to play. There are numerous other SNL musical segments that will have you singing along any time you watch them. 

You will find dozens of the funniest musical SNL characters in the show's history on this list. Vote for the ones you frequently find yourself rewatching on YouTube. 

The Blues Brothers
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First appeared: April 22, 1978

The Blues Brothers are a soul and revivalist band. What started as a simple bit with Jim Belushi playing the harmonica during a Slim Harpo song, the genesis of the band was born. 

Played By: Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd

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The Culps

First appeared: November 2, 1996

The Culps may not have been very stylish, but they kept up with all of the hits of the day. The Culp Family Musical Performances performed conservative medleys of pop songs, much to the chagrin of their son, who was never shown in a sketch. 

Played By: Will Ferrell and Ana Gasteyer

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First appeared: October 11, 2003

A costumed street advertiser often got into fights with other mascots. They settled their arguments the only way they knew how: by singing parodies of famous songs. 

Played By: Justin Timberlake

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The Roxbury Guys

First appeared: March 23, 1996

The Roxbury Guys perfectly lampooned club culture. They would always go out to try to pick up women but always ended up messing up somehow. They had their trademark bobble heads they would move in unison to "What Is Love?"

Played By: Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan

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