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The Best SNL Musical Guests Of Season 44, Ranked

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While plenty of various talk shows and TV programs feature some great live performances, not many can stand up to the countless musicians who've appeared on Saturday Night Live. Since the show's inception, there's been a wide range of SNL musical guests, offering performances from some of the biggest names in the music industry—not to mention the occasional appearances in the show's skits as well. Spanning generations of artists and genres, the musical guests on SNL have certainly become a favorite of the show. In Season 44 alone, there have been some incredible performances. Of all the recently featured artists, however, who do you think was the best SNL musical guest in Season 44?

Whether you're a fan of classic rock or you're more of the hip hop type, SNL has surely featured an artist you'd enjoy. From folk rock legend Paul Simon, performing on the Saturday Night Life stage for the 11th time, to the ever-controversial, yet gifted rapper Kanye West, the SNL musical guests 2018 has offered do not disappoint. Disappoint or not, though, some simply perform better than the rest. Who's been your favorite?

If you're looking for the musical guest from last week, last night or want to see who's taking the stage tonight, you can find all the musical guests from SNL Season 44 below. Once you've tuned in and checked out the performances, vote up the ones you think shined the most.