The Best Snow Sports to Play and Watch

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In this list, you'll find only the best snow sports, whether to play or watch. Ranging from the classics such as skiing to new sports such as snowboarding. You'll even find some of these top snow sports in the Winter Olympics, which hosts some of the best athletes in the world.

A perennial favorite amongst the jet set elite, skiing is one of the most popular winter sports that is fun both competitively or recreationally. There are many kinds of skiing that you can enjoy throughout the winter, including cross-country skiing and even ski archery.

And of course who can forget hocket? It is a winter snow sport that can be played all year round inside arenas and stadiums. But sometimes, there is nothing like playing on natural ice on a brisk winter day. Sledding is another one of the most popular winter snow sports.

Snowball fighters are a great time and they get competitive when Yukigassen tournaments – which were first made popular in Japan – take place in winter months. Other great winter games that appear on this top snow sports list include ice skating, bobsledding, and dogsled racing.

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  • Ice Skating
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    Ice Skating

  • Sledding
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  • Dogsled racing
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    Dogsled racing