The Very Best Snowboarders in the World

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Best snowboarders in the world -- active in the sport

List of the best snowboarders in the world. On this list, snowboarding fans will find the snowboarders who are actively competing, including those who’ve already had stellar careers and those who are just getting started. From snowboarding luminaries such as Shaun White and Maelle Ricker to the lesser-known (but still great) competitors such as Michael Ciccarelli, the best snowboarders are all here.

When the topic of the best snowboarders in the world is brought up, can any snowboarding fan resist talking about Shaun White? Although he didn’t medal in the men’s halfpipe event at the 2014 Olympics, no one can dispute the greatness of White’s career. As of 2014, in fact, he is the X Games record-holder, not just for number of gold medals won, but also for overall medal count. 

Not all of the most excellent snowboarders have had time to make such an impact on the sport, however, so White could be surpassed. Ayumu Hirano, an amazing snowboarder from Japan, won a silver medal at the Winter X Games in 2013 — and he was only 14 at the time. He took the silver medal at the Winter Olympic Games the next year in the halfpipe event, so snowboarding greats like White and Yuri Podladchikov definitely have amazing competition.

This list contains all of the greatest snowboarders who’re currently involved in the sport. Men and women, young and old, if they’re making their mark in snowboarding, they’re all here on this, the list of the best snowboarders in the world.

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    Mark McMorris

    Mark McMorris
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    At the 2012 Winter X Games, Mark McMorris won the gold not only in the big air event but also in the slopestyle event.  
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    Shaun White
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    Shaun White has captured over 10 gold medals at the Winter X Games.
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    Maxence Parrot
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    Maxence Parrot captured two gold medals at the Winter X Games in 2014, one each in the slopestyle and big air events.
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    Ayumu Hirano

    Ayumu Hirano
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    Ayumu Hirano took the silver medal in 2013 at the Winter X Games (superpipe); only 14 at the time, he’s the youngest competitor to have medaled at the competition as of 2014.
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    Torstein Horgmo
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    Torstein Horgmo's career highlights include winning six medals at the Winter X Games (big air).
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    Ståle Sandbech
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    Ståle Sandbech earned two medals in slopestyle in 2014, the bronze at the Winter X Games and the silver at the Winter Olympic Games.
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