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The Best So You Think You Can Dance Winners, Ranked

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The recipient of numerous Primetime Emmy Awards, So You Think You Can Dance is must-see television for fans of all forms of dance. Over the course of its many seasons, there have been many impressive So You Think You Can Dance winners who danced themselves to the top spot showcasing dance styles from hip-hop to contemporary to jazz. Who are the best So You Think You Can Dance winners? Here, you'll find a list of all the past contestants to make it to the top spot, ranked by your votes. 

In 2017, Lex Ishimoto secured the win by showing off his impressive skills at contemporary and hip-hop dance. In Season 9, the show altered its format and selected one male and one female winner, with Chehon Wespi-Tschopp and Eliana Girard snagging wins. Other past winners include Jeanine Mason, Leon "Kida" Burns, and Nick Lazzarini. With the help of skilled choreographers and their own drive, every winner deserves praise. However, who is truly the best of the best? Vote up the most talented dancers below to help decide. 

  • Season 8
    Dance Style: Contemporary

  • 2

    Lex Ishimoto


    Season 14
    Dance Style: Contemporary/Hip-Hop

  • 3

    Du-Shaunt "Fik-Shun" Stegall


    Season 10
    Dance Style: Hip-Hop

  • Season 7
    Dance Style: Contemporary

  • 5

    Bailey Munoz


    Season 16
    Dance Stye: B-Boy

  • 6

    Gaby Diaz


    Season 12
    Dance Style: Tap

  • 7

    Ricky Ubeda


    Season 11
    Dance Style: Contemporary

  • Season 5
    Dance Style: Contemporary

  • 9

    Amy Yakima


    Season 10
    Dance Style: Jazz

  • 10

    Hannahlei Cabanilla


    Season 15
    Dance Style: Contemporary

  • Season 2
    Dance Style: Swing/Latin Ballroom

  • Season 3
    Dance Style: Contemporary

  • Season 9
    Dance Style: Contemporary Ballet 

  • Season 4
    Dance Style: Hip-Hop

  • Season 1
    Dance Style: Contemporary/Jazz

  • Season 9
    Dance Style: Ballet

  • Season 13
    Dance Style: Hip-Hop

  • Season 6
    Dance Style: Krump