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The Best Sokka Quotes From 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'

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There's no better way to endear yourself to this 16-year old warrior than to read through the best Sokka quotes ever in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Unlike his sister,  Sokka doesn't possess any waterbending ability. But as the show goes on, he masters swordplay and becomes a formidable warrior in his own right.

When the series begins, Sokka is a bit immature. It's a characteristic that follows him throughout much of the show. While he's intelligent, he can also be clumsy. And many of his most popular lines from the show are comical in nature. 

There are plenty of funny Sokka quotes on this list. But there are other funny Avatar quotes and more poignant ones that make you stop and realize he's more intelligent than he often lets on. So which quotes are your favorites? Vote up the lines that made you want to see more of Sokka. 

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    Drink Cactus Juice

    Sokka: Drink cactus juice! It'll quench ya! Nothing's quenchier, it's the quenchiest!

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    Giant Mushroom

    Sokka: It's a giant mushroom! Maybe it’s friendly!

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    Moon Memories

    Sokka: My first girlfriend turned into the moon.

    Zuko: That's rough buddy.

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    Enemy Territory

    Sokka: Hey, we are in enemy territory. Those are enemy birds.

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