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The Best YouTube Cover Artists

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YouTube's got talent! Here are the best song cover YouTube channels. Featuring piano covers, acoustic versions and original medleys, these popular YouTube singers are putting their own twist on current hits and classic oldies. What are the best music cover channels on YouTube? 

When ranking the best song cover YouTubers ever, Kurt Hugo Schneider, Madilyn Bailey, Tyler Ward, and Conor Maynard are definitely in the top ten famous cover singers. Whether they're collaborating with other YouTube musicians or covering songs with creative renditions, the most talented YouTube singers have gone on to become successful artists. Other good YouTube cover singers include Boyce Avenue, Sam Tsui, Jasmine Thompson, Alex Aiono, and Holly Henry.  

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    Daneliya Tuleshova

    Daneliya Tuleshova, born July 18, 2007, is a Kazakhstani singer. She represented Kazakhstan in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Minsk, Belarus with her song "Ózińe sen," finishing sixth.  ...more

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    J.Fla (born June 10, 1987) is a South Korean singer who is best known for her cover songs on her YouTube channel. She released her debut album "Blossom" in 2017.   ...more
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    Christina Victoria Grimmie (March 12, 1994 – June 10, 2016) was an American singer, songwriter, actress, and YouTuber. Grimmie began posting covers of popular songs onto YouTube in 2009. In June  ...more

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    Kurt Hugo Schneider (born September 7, 1988), sometimes referred to by his initials KHS, is an American video editor, producer, musician, singer and songwriter, whose primary medium is YouTube music  ...more
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    Madilyn Bailey Wold (born September 2, 1992) is an American singer and songwriter. She has released various albums containing covers of songs and one EP of original material entitled Wiser, released  ...more
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    Boyce Avenue is an American pop and rock band formed in Sarasota, Florida, by brothers Alejandro Luis Manzano, Daniel Enrique Manzano, and Fabian Rafael Manzano. The brothers attended Pine View  ...more
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    Conor Paul Maynard is an English singer-songwriter and child actor from Brighton & Hove who is signed to EMI subsidiary, Parlophone. Maynard rose to success in 2012 when he was nominated for, and  ...more
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    Jasmine Thompson is an English singer and songwriter from Central London. Thompson was born in England, and is half Chinese. Thompson became well-known with her YouTube channel, TantrumJas, which has  ...more
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    Leroy Sanchez (born on 1 September 1991) is a Spanish-born singer-songwriter currently based in Los Angeles, California. At the age of 15, Sanchez uploaded his first cover song on YouTube, and his  ...more
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    Martin Alexander Aiono (born February 16, 1996) is of Māori & Samoan descent singer and producer from Phoenix, Arizona. Aiono is well known for his videos on YouTube which has amassed over 651  ...more
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    Samuel Tsui (born May 2, 1989) is an American singer/songwriter, video producer and actor. He rose to fame as an Internet celebrity and is known for covering songs by popular artists like Adele,  ...more
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    Cimorelli is a singing group popularized on YouTube and signed to Universal Music's Island label. Cimorelli is made up of six sisters, Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani. Their singing  ...more
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    Sarah Cothran


    Sarah Cothran, a TikTok-famous artist with 1.5 million followers... more

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    Haley Reinhart

    Haley Elizabeth Reinhart (born September 9, 1990) is an American singer, songwriter and voice actress from Wheeling, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. She first rose to prominence after placing third in  ...more

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    Samantha Harvey is an actress.
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    Liam Anthony "William" Singe (born 2 July 1992) is an Australian Youtuber, singer, songwriter, and producer. He is most notable for his online videos on YouTube and Facebook. Singe started his career  ...more
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    Peter Hollens is an American singer/songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. He has been involved with a cappella music since 1999 when he and Leo da Silva founded the University of Oregon's a cappella  ...more
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    Megan Nicole Flores (born September 1, 1993), simply known as Megan Nicole, is an American singer-songwriter and actress who debuted on YouTube in 2009. Nicole released her first original song,  ...more
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    Kina Kasuya Grannis (born August 4, 1985) is a Japanese-American singer-songwriter, guitarist and YouTuber. Grannis was the winner of the 2008 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest, earning a  ...more
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    Tiffany Lynn Alvord (born December 11, 1992) is an American singer, songwriter and actress. She has been cited as one of YouTube's first "home-grown celebrities". She has a large social presence on  ...more
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    Madison Elle Beer (born March 5, 1999) is an American singer and actress. She gained media attention after pop star Justin Bieber tweeted a link to a video of her singing. "Dead" was released as the  ...more

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    Amanda Lee, also known as AmaLee, is an American singer and voice actress. She is known for her English-language interpretations of songs from anime and video games on YouTube, which have been viewed over 600 million times and has acquired her over 1 million subscribers... more

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    Alexander Stewart (born August 27, 1999) is a Canadian singer whose vocal covers of popular songs have attracted more than 650,000 subscribers to his eponymous YouTube channel. Some of his most  ...more
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    Dorothy Miranda "Dodie" Clark (born April 11, 1995) is an English singer, songwriter, author, YouTuber and artist from Epping, Essex. Clark posts both original songs and cover songs on her main  ...more

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    Alex Goot

    Alexander George Gut is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist from New York. Goot grew rapidly through the channel lists YouTube Top 200 with his covers of famous songs and his original songs  ...more