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The Best Songs About Bikes

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Truthfully, bicycling and and music aren't the most obvious of pairings, so songs about bikes are more limited than some other categories. But we've managed to source some great bicycle songs to keep even the most ardent cyclists in gear, and put the roll back into the rock. Here are the best songs about biking and bicycles, ranked by your votes.

Queen, a master of writing hits about the most banal things (cars, fat bottomed girls), turned in another classic with "Bicycle Song", and Blur had fun updating the 1892 song about bikes, "Daisy Bell," into a fun, contemporary wag. Kraftwerk, the 70's electro German band, composed a great song about bikes in an ode to the baddest bike race around, "Tour de France."

What do you think are the best songs about bikes? Thumbs up your favorites to the top of the list and tell us about your bike songs in the comment section below.