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The Best Songs About Energy

The great part about music is that you can write a song about anything, but for this list we're ranking the best songs about energy. If it has to with electricity, power, or spiritual energy like Qi, it belongs on this list. Do you have a favorite energy song? Whether it's pop, rap, country, or anything in between, vote up your favorites on this list of songs about energy. You can even add additional tracks to the poll if any good energy songs are missing, so feel free to contribute to the list. The YouTube videos accompanying each song on this page can help you find sounds to energize any playlist. 

Some of the songs below include "Artificial Energy" by The Byrds, "M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)" by Papa Roach, and "Bad Energy" by Beck. A song can qualify to be on this in two ways. First, the song has energy in the title or lyrics, or some close variation of that word. Second, the song is conceptually about energy, even if it doesn't specifically mention that word.