The 35+ Best Songs About Jealousy

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Songs with jealousy in the title are fair game, but this list focuses mainly on songs about jealousy as a subject.

Being green with envy is something that almost all humans experience in their lifetime, and expressing that insecurity through music has always led to great songs being created. People are often envied for their money or status, but in some cases a person is envied because of the beauty of their lover. Take "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield or "I Want Your Girlfriend to be My Girlfriend Too" by Reel Big Fish for example. This is a ranked list of all songs about jealousy, as voted on by music fans like you. Some of the songs included below may have the words "jealousy" or "jealous" in the lyrics or title, while others are only about being jealous as a subject or theme. 

Music isn't typically categorized by the meaning of the words, so this music list is a great way to find some solid tracks that are thematically similar. Vote for the jealousy songs that you enjoy the most, and downvote ones if you think they're not worthy of being high on the list. If one of your top songs is missing, add it to the list so others can vote for it too. Many genres of music are featured below, including rock, pop, folk, metal, and more.
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