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The Best Songs About Lights

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Because so many songs contain imagery of darkness, here are the best songs about lights, ranked by music fans like you. Take "Light My Fire," from The Doors for example. Easily the most recognizable song from their catalogue, turns out Jim Morrison hated the song, and indicated in his journals that he disliked performing it live. Coincidentally "Light My Fire" was the last song Jim would ever perform publicly before his untimely death in 1971.  

Also on the list is "Blinded by the Light" by the boss Bruce Springsteen. Manfred Mann's Earth Band covered the song in 1976 and their version was a #1 hit, having countless film and television placements ever since. There are also rap tracks featured below, like Kanye's catchy song "Flashing Lights."

Which song on this list of the best songs about lights is your number one pick?  Vote it to the top and shed some light on any songs we may have missed by adding them.