The Best Songs About Monday

Since the average person will experience over 4,000 Mondays in his lifetime, this list features the best songs about this not-quite-favorite day of the week. A Monday morning – the first day back to work or school – means no more resting and relaxing, no more hanging out with friends or family. Every Monday, it seems like the only thing to look forward to is the passing  of the next five days until we can relax again. Hopefully the songs on this list will help you to coast through your manic Mondays, one Monday at a time. Some of these songs even manage to celebrate the Worst Day of the Week. So what are the best songs about Mondays?

Many famous bands have glorified Monday through song, from folksy Fleetwood Mac and The Mamas & The Papas to NOFX. Great songs about Monday range from smoother, slower sound to plenty of fun, upbeat tracks. Vote for your favorite songs about Mondays, and please add any that we missed.
Photo: flickr / CC0
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