The Best Songs About Monsters

Monsters under the bed, monsters in the closet, monsters on your radio? This list is comprised of the best songs about monsters, as voted by you. Marilyn Manson, whose music has been classified as American rock, industrial rock, industrial metal, and alternative metal ranks on the list with his hit "Unkillable Monster," and that's actually a great way to describe him too.  Manson has been heralded for his shocking behavior and monster-like costumes since the early 1990s yet has remained relevant to the music scene and true to his monster vibe for the whole of his career.  

You'll find a myriad of artists on this list of monster songs, including pop star Katy Perry with her jam "My Own Monster," and rapper Lil Wayne with his infamous hit, "Pussy Monster."  Also, ranking at number eight the classic novelty tune, "Monster Mash," by Bobby "Boris" Pickett and The Crypts which hit Billboard's top 100 three separate times in its hay day.   

You'll definitely want to revisit this list closer to Halloween, but get ahead of the pack and vote for your favorite songs about monsters now.
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