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The Best Songs About Poison

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Great songs about poison have been written by rock stars, rappers and country musicians. Some of the best songs about poison reference specific types of poison in their titles, and others allude that lovers can be poisonous. Poison is not only a popular subject for songs, but for bands as well. 80's rock band Poison was known for songs like "Talk Dirty To Me" and "Every Rose Has Its Thorn."

Bell Biv DeVoe had a hit back in 1990 with their new jack swing classic, “Poison.” Fun Fact – this track has been used in several films and TV series including Pineapple Express, Pootie Tang and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. There are actually several songs on this list simply entitled “Poison” including tracks from Rita Ora, Beyonce, and Alice Cooper.

Some of these songs, like Metallica's “Cyanide” and The Civil Wars' “Poison & Wine,” focus on methods in which people could be poisoned. The Nirvana track, “Drain You,” features the lyrics, “With eyes so dilated/I've become your pupil/You've taught me everything/Without a poison apple.”

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