The Best Songs About Poker

Whether you're playing with friends, or you're at a casino with high rollers, poker makes your feel as suave as James Bond. In music, the best songs about poker capture its essential coolness. From OAR to Motorhead, these are some of the most fun songs about playing cards. You can listen to the songs right on this page, so think of this as a poker songs playlist for the next time you host a game at home.

Hands down, one of the most enduring and best poker songs of all time is none other than, you guessed it, Kenny Loggins' "The Gambler." Another great poker song is from core Rat Pack member, old blue-eyes himself, Frank Sinatra, with "Luck Be a Lady." Frank spent a lot of time in Vegas, and many songs about poker also include odes to Vegas, like Elvis Presley during his comeback with "Viva Las Vegas."

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