The Saddest Songs About Self-Harm & Cutting

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This list focuses mainly on songs about self-harm. 

DISCLAIMER: This songs list covers a very sensitive, triggering topic for many individuals. Please proceed with caution while listening to this compilation of the saddest songs about self-harm and cutting. From Between The Trees' "The Way She Feels" to Johnny Cash's "Hurt," many of the powerful songs below highlight the ugly side of being a cutter and what it's like to make yourself bleed, as well as other ways that people hurt themselves in general. Some of the songs included below may have the words "cut," “scar,” "bleed," “slit,” or “wrist” in the lyrics or title, while others focus on the mental side of self-harm as a subject or theme (i.e. depression and loneliness).

Although none of these dark songs spark uplifting themes, many of them relate to listeners in a profound fashion that may ultimate inspire people to turn their lives around for the better. Vote for the most well-written self-harm songs that touch you the most across rock, pop, rap, heavy metal, emo, punk, country, and all other music genres below.

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