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What are you going to doing all day Thursday? Maybe you should cancel all your plans and listen to the best songs written about the fourth day of the work week. This is a list of the absolute best songs written about Holy Thursday... or Thirsty Thursday, depending on what you're into!

Most people love Thursday, because it is so close to the weekend. You can almost taste Friday and the sweet, sweet weekend. All these artists totally agree, and couldn't help but write these awesome tracks about this pretty cool day. A few of these songs are somber ballads remembering a lost love on this day of the week, others are fun anthems, getting crowds excited for the utter thrill of an epic Thursday. 

There's just something about Thursday. The sun shines just a little bit brighter. Lunch gets just a bit better. It might be because plans for the weekend really begin to formalize on Thursday. It doesn't feel last minute, but it feels totally appropriate to wonder about the nature of the weekend. Hey the weekend is just around the corner! Thank you, Thursday.

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Thursday's Child David Bowie

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pigonthewing added Thursday Morphine

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Jersey Thursday Donovan

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CyberTootie added Thursday Conan O'Brien

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Sweet Thursday Matt Costa

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Thursday Morning Giles, Giles & Fripp

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Thursday Noisia

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Thursday the 12th Charlie Hunter Trio

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Rain Every Thursday Bobby Hutcherson

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