The Best Songs About Tuesday

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Songs that are about Tuesday or have Tuesday in the lyrics.

Here's a list of the best songs written about Tuesday. With all the days in a crazy week, Tuesday really brings it all together. You can think about it like the first real day of the week. You've recovered from the horror of Monday and can start over on glorious Tuesday. Tuesday is also famous for "Taco Tuesday" and many artists have written songs about this delicious and productive day.

Though not as popular as Friday, Tuesdays aren't too bad. These musicians totally agree, and even wrote songs about Tuesdays. A few of these songs are somber ballads remembering a lost love on this day of the week, others are fun anthems, getting crowds exhilarated for the thrill of a Tuesday. 

What are you going to do next Tuesday? Will you be listening to these awesome tunes on the subject of Tuesday? Well that's just a really great way to spend the middle of your week. Vote up your favorite Tuesday track below. As they say, Tuesday, hey at least it's not Monday!

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