The 145+ Best Songs About Unrequited Love

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If this list only featured songs from the modern era, it might be called "songs about being in the friend zone". The concept of unrequited love has been represented in music going back hundreds of years, where songwriters wrote lyrics about how their crush did not reciprocate their feeling of admiration. This is a ranked list of all songs about unrequited love, as voted on by music fans like you. If you're feeling blue or frustrated about someone not liking you back, these unrequited love songs might make you feel better.

Music isn't typically categorized by the meaning of the words, so this music list is a great way to find some solid tracks that are thematically similar. Vote for the unrequited love songs that you enjoy the most, and downvote ones if you think they're not worthy of being high on the list. If one of your top songs is missing, add it to the list so others can vote for it too. Many genres of music are featured below, including rock, pop, folk, metal, and more. You can vote for any of these songs, from “Losing My Religion” to “Sylvia's Mother.”
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