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Wednesday is a favorite day for many people. After Saturday, Friday, Sunday, Wednesday, or Hump Day, is probably most people's favorite day. These musicians totally agree with you, and they wrote songs to signify their pro-Wednesday-ness. Some even included the day of the week in the title! Some songs are somber ballads remembering a lost love on this day of the week, others are fun anthems, getting crowds exhilarated for the thrill of Wednesdays.
With all the days in the week, it's none other than Wednesday which really brings the week together. On one side of the week you're like, "oh man, Mondays really stink" and then on the other end of the week you're like, "woooooo!" Friday signifies the end of the week." But good old Wednesday is right there in the middle helping you through the week. They call it Hump Day for a reason. It's that little hill you have to climb over before easy riding Thursday and chilled out Friday. 
What are you going to do next Wednesday? Will you be listening to these awesome tunes about Wednesday? Well that's just a really great way to spend the middle of your week. Vote up your favorite Hump Day track below or add one you love that helps you coast through to the end of the week. What's your favorite hump day song? These Wednesday songs will help you power through!
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Wednesday Evening Blues John Lee Hooker

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Wednesday Morning Slackstring

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Business Time Flight of the Conchords

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Feel Good Inc Gorillaz

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Wednesday Week The Undertones

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Wednesday's Child EmilĂ­ana Torrini

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punksnotdead added Just Wednesday Inspiral Carpets

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Sixteen Saltines Jack White

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Wednesday Night Waltz Andy DeJarlis

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Telling Ghosts Puscifer