Every Song in Anastasia, Ranked by Singability

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Vote up the songs in Anastasia you just can't get out of your head (not that you want to).

The 1997 film was a favorite non-Disney princess movie for many, so fans were thrilled when Anastasia made its Broadway debut in 2017. In addition to keeping six songs from the original film, the Anastasia soundtrack introduced 16 new numbers written specifically for the musical. Here, you'll find all Anastasia songs ranked by fans! 

After the brutal murder of the Romanov family, many have claimed to be Anastasia Romanov over the years. The musical explores a scenario in which such a claim proves true. With the mad monk Rasputin serving as the central villain, you know you're in for a chilling track listing. "Journey to the Past" and "Once Upon a December" are both haunting numbers that have proved to be fan favorites over the years, but maybe you prefer some of the show's more obscure numbers like "Learn to Do It" and "We'll Go From There." Whatever your preferences, browse this playlist and vote up the best songs from Anastasia. 

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  • Once Upon a December

    Once Upon a December

    135 votes
  • Journey to the Past

    Journey to the Past

    108 votes
  • In My Dreams

    In My Dreams

    101 votes
  • In a Crowd of Thousands

    In a Crowd of Thousands

    107 votes
  • A Rumor in St. Petersburg

    A Rumor in St. Petersburg

    67 votes
  • Learn to Do It

    Learn to Do It

    85 votes