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Every Song in Annie, Ranked by Singability

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The titular plucky orphan made "Tomorrow" a song nearly everyone has heard, but what makes up the rest of the Annie soundtrack? There are plenty of memorable and equally heartwarming songs from Annie that will make you want to sing along, even if they're not as immediately recognizable. Annie is a story about overcoming adversity and humble beginnings. After all, the much beloved heroine starts out desperate to escape an orphanage where she's forced into sweatshop labor and ends up the inspiration for Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. Talk about rags to riches! There are so many great songs in this show, but which one is the best? Help decide! Here, you'll find all the Annie songs ranked by singability. 

Some of the best Annie songs are pretty recognizable, even for those unfamiliar with the show. In 1998, Jay-Z sampled the chorus of “It's the Hard Knock Life,” which introduced the classic Broadway tune to an entirely new generation of music fans. Other songs are more obscure. For example, Roosevelt sings Annie's praises in "A New Deal for Christmas." "Little Girls" is a sardonic number sung by the abusive, perpetually hungover Miss Hannigan. 

Which song from the Annie soundtrack do you think deserves the top spot on this list? Vote up the songs you'd be most likely to include on an Annie playlist below! 

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