Every Song in Cabaret, Ranked by Singability

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Following in the tradition of shows like The Sound of Music and Fiddler on the Roof, the 1966 smash hit Cabaret explores historical themes by setting individual stories within a fraught time period. Set in 1931 Berlin, the Cabaret soundtrack sings of two overlapping - and ultimately doomed - romances that unfold in the seedy Kit Kat Klub. Metaphorically, the story showcases the tensions in Germany during the rise of Hitler. Here, you'll find all Cabaret songs ranked from best to worst by fans! 

Due to the poignant and memorable nature of the story, musical theater buffs have committed much of the Cabaret track listing to memory. From the opening number "Willkommen" to its dramatic reprise at the finale, the playlist below is an emotional experience. If you have strong opinions on the standout songs from the show, cast your votes below! 

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  • Cabaret


    48 votes
  • Money


    28 votes
  • Willkommen


    53 votes
  • Mein Herr

    Mein Herr

    31 votes
  • Don't Tell Mama

    Don't Tell Mama

    21 votes