Every Song in Charlotte's Web, Ranked by Singability

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In 1973, the much beloved E.B. White children's novel came to life in the now classic animated adaptation Charlotte's Web. All Charlotte's Web songs strive to reflect the thematic tone of the original source material. The story is not just the quirky tale of an unusual animal friendship, but also a bold narrative that tackles death head on without sugarcoating for a young audience. The saga of Wilbur and Charlotte's friendship is all about how the relationships we forge in life make it worth living, despite the fact we inevitably lose loved ones as time passes. Which parts of the Charlotte's Web soundtrack best convey this message while also just being downright catchy? Here, you'll find all Charlotte's Web songs ranked. To have your say in the order, cast your vote below! 

There are plenty of winners on the Charlotte's Web track listing. Wilbur learns to be emotionally resilient despite troubling times in "Chin Up!" A chorus sings Wilbur's praises in "Zuckerman's Famous Pig." In “A Veritable Smorgasbord," everyone's favorite gluttonous rat provides some much needed comical relief as Charlotte's health deteriorates. Give this playlist a listen and vote up the highest quality songs! 

  • Mother Earth and Father Time
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    13 VOTES

    Mother Earth and Father Time

    13 votes
  • Chin Up!
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    23 VOTES

    Chin Up!

    23 votes
  • A Veritable Smorgasbord
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    21 VOTES

    A Veritable Smorgasbord

    21 votes
  • Zuckerman's Famous Pig
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    18 VOTES

    Zuckerman's Famous Pig

    18 votes
  • There Must Be Something More
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    11 VOTES

    There Must Be Something More

    11 votes
  • Deep in the Dark/Charlotte's Web
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    11 VOTES

    Deep in the Dark/Charlotte's Web

    11 votes