Every Song in Cinderella, Ranked by Singability

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Even those with an aversion to all things princess can enjoy the Cinderella soundtrack. While the lyrics are sometimes shamelessly cheesy - and filled with bad metaphors - one can't help but buy into the sweet sentiment due to the gorgeous underlying melodies. The best songs in the show leave even the most romantically cynical listeners humming along. Below, you will find all Cinderella songs ranked by your votes! 

Everyone has a favorite, as there's no shortage of musical gems in the Roger and Hammerstein classic. "Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful'” finds Prince Charming proclaiming his love for Cinderella just before the clock strikes midnight and their magical evening comes to an end.  “Impossible; It's Possible” has become a fan favorite because of it's uplifting, spirited message. "Ten Minutes Ago" is a heartfelt duet about love at first sight. Scroll through this list and give these and other tunes a listen! 

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