Every Song in Hair (the Musical), Ranked by Singability

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One of the shows that defined the "rock musical," Hair garnered some serious controversy when it debuted off Broadway in 1967. It was unabashedly political, featured nudity, and made heavy use of profanity. Nevertheless, Hair prevailed. It made it to Broadway by 1968 and became a sensation with the counterculture. Several songs were adopted by the anti-Vietnam War protesters, so you've probably heard some songs from the Hair soundtrack even if you've never seen the show. But which songs from Hair are the best? You can help decide by casting your vote. Here, you'll find all songs in Hair ranked by your votes. 

Everyone has heard some songs from Hair, the ones that went on to become hits in their own right. "Aquarius," "Let the Sunshine In," "Good Morning, Starshine," and the titular "Hair" are all well known counterculture ballads that captured the spirit of the '60s. But what about other - more controversial - songs on the Hair soundtrack listing? Many songs demonstrated something beyond the basic peace and love virtues. "Hashish" sings of the heavy drug use at the time and "I'm Black" dealt directly with racial tensions. 

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  • The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In)

    The Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In)

    102 votes
  • Aquarius


    111 votes
  • Easy to Be Hard

    Easy to Be Hard

    59 votes
  • Hair
    115 votes
  • Good Morning Starshine

    Good Morning Starshine

    96 votes
  • I Got Life

    I Got Life

    33 votes