Every Song in Jesus Christ Superstar, Ranked by Singability

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Even the non-religiously inclined have to admit, the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack is pretty catchy. The rock opera really changed the game in terms of appropriate material for Broadway. Instead of drawing from works of literature or dated mythology, Jesus Christ Superstar tapped directly into the Judeo-Christian cultural bank and made a show of literal Biblical proportions. Much like Milton deconstructed the story of Adam and Eve in Paradise LostJesus Christ Superstar creators put their own spin on the Bible. With a sympathetic Judas and a down to earth Jesus, who wouldn't be curious to give this musical a viewing? At a Broadway singalong, what Jesus Christ Superstar songs would grace your playlist? Here, you'll find all the Jesus Christ Superstar songs ranked by singability. 

There are plenty of beloved songs from the musical you can easily sing along to. “Everything's Alright" finds Mary Magdalene comforting Jesus in a time of need. Songs like “Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say)", "What's the Buzz,” “This Jesus Must Die,” and “Pilate and Christ" showcase how modern people may react to the birth of the Son of God. 

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  • Heaven on Their Minds

    Heaven on Their Minds

    236 votes
  • Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say)

    Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say)

    206 votes
  • Superstar


    178 votes
  • Damned For All Time/Blood Money

    Damned For All Time/Blood Money

    119 votes
  • I Don't Know How to Love Him

    I Don't Know How to Love Him

    182 votes
  • King Herod's Song

    King Herod's Song

    119 votes