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While the film famously did not win Best Picture at the 2017 Oscars, the La La Land soundtrack remains beloved to millions of fans. And how could it not? While the love story in La La Land is pleasant enough, the film is fundamentally about the struggles of being an artist. The songs are all about the tenacity it takes to leave home, pursue your passions, and deal with continual rejections and setbacks. Even if you're not an inspiring actor, musician, or other creative type, there's something quintessentially American about this inclination to forge your own path and doggedly pursue your dreams. While all the tunes make viewers want to join in, what are the most singable songs in La La Land? Here, you'll find all the La La Land songs ranked by your votes! 

The show begins with "Another Day of Son," in which a spirited chorus explains all the reasons they're called to Los Angeles. "City of Stars” is certainly one of the show's biggest hits, and took home the Oscar statue for Best Original Song. Emma Stone performed the song “Audition (The Fools Who Dream),” a love song to those brave enough to forego the path most taken and do what makes them happy. 

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City of Stars

22 7
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Someone in the Crowd

18 6
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Another Day of Sun

16 6
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Mia & Sebastian's Theme

17 7
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A Lovely Night

9 2
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Audition (The Fools Who Dream)

10 4
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5 4
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The End

4 4
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Start a Fire

4 5
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City of Stars (Humming)

3 4
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City of Stars (Reprise)

2 4
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Engagement Party

5 8
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Herman's Habit

5 8
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Summer Montage / Madeline

4 8
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