Every Song in Little Shop of Horrors, Ranked by Singability

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While the story of a lovable underdog getting the girl of his dreams is overdone, Howard Ashman and Alan Menken managed to freshen up the trope by throwing in a sadistic dentist and a man-eating plant from outer space. The twisted musical was a quirky and unexpected sensation - both in film and on stage - and the Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack is a hilarious, but oddly moving delight. Here, you'll find every Little Shop of Horror song ranked by singability. If you're ready to laugh, cry, and possibly feel nauseated, then read on!

The Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack listing is about as versatile as musicals get. Steve Martin has one of the best villain songs in show tunes history with "Dentist," in which he sings about how the profession suits an unapologetic sadist like himself. "Feed Me (Git It)" is a campy duet in which Audrey II demands Seymour satiate his hunger for blood. However, for all the ridiculousness, Little Shop of Horrors veers towards the touching as well. "Somewhere That's Green" gives off some serous "Wouldn't It Be Loverly" vibes as Audrey sings of a life just a little better than her own. "Suddenly, Seymour" is a tear-inducing duet about finally getting lucky in love after years of striking out. 

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  • Suddenly, Seymour

    Suddenly, Seymour

    183 votes
  • Dentist!


    192 votes
  • Skid Row (Downtown)

    Skid Row (Downtown)

    179 votes
  • Feed Me (Git It)

    Feed Me (Git It)

    150 votes
  • Grow for Me

    Grow for Me

    85 votes
  • Prologue (Little Shop of Horrors)

    Prologue (Little Shop of Horrors)

    108 votes