Every Song in Miss Saigon, Ranked by Singability

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Based on the Puccini opera Madame Butterfly, Miss Saigon is another fictional portrayal of war set in Vietnam over Japan. Given the real life historical events that inspired the musical, the Miss Saigon soundtrack is a tearjerker. This is the strength of the show, which highlights how the consequences of war linger long after troops leave. Here, you'll find all Miss Saigon songs ranked! 

Some of the best songs in Miss Saigon confront how war affects soldiers and civilians. "Bui-Doi" is a poignant lament for children conceived during war and then abandoned by their fathers. Other songs tackle love, both romantic and familial. In "I'd Give My Life For You," Kim tells her son all her hopes and dreams for his future. In "Why, God, Why" Chris mourns the fact he is meeting Kim right before he has to leave. To listen to these songs and more, browse the track listing below! 

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  • I'd Give My Life for You

    I'd Give My Life for You

    137 votes
  • The Movie in My Mind

    The Movie in My Mind

    114 votes
  • Why God Why?

    Why God Why?

    92 votes
  • Bui Doi

    Bui Doi

    106 votes
  • Sun and Moon

    Sun and Moon

    82 votes
  • The Heat is On in Saigon

    The Heat is On in Saigon

    71 votes