Every Song in Newsies, Ranked by Singability

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Fans of underdog stories are sure to revel in Newsies, which was an instant hit when it premiered on Broadway in 2012. The story of Jack Kelly and a rag-tag group of newspaper delivery boys navigating New York City at the turn of the century, the Newsies soundtrack is seriously catchy. Here, you'll find all Newsies songs ranked by fans! 

The Newsies track listing ranges from sincere to comical. Those who've lived in New York City long enough to get fatigued with it may revel in "Santa Fe," in which Jack sings of his dream to escape city life for quieter pastures. If you're easily riled up by a good cause, you may find yourself toe-tapping to "Something to Believe In" or "King of New York." Give the below playlist a listen and be sure to vote up the best songs in Newsies. 

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  • The World Will Know

    The World Will Know

    279 votes
  • Carrying the Banner

    Carrying the Banner

    264 votes
  • King of New York

    King of New York

    286 votes
  • Seize the Day

    Seize the Day

    286 votes
  • Once and for All

    Once and for All

    239 votes
  • Santa Fe

    Santa Fe

    302 votes