Every Song in Pocahontas, Ranked by Singability

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While it's one of the most polarizing Disney films as it deviates so much from the real story, the Pocahontas soundtrack remains beloved even by those who felt lukewarm about the movie. Here, you'll find all songs in Pocahontas ranked by your votes! With some classics - like "Just Around the River Bend" and "Colors of the Wind" - it's impossible not to hum along. However, there's definitely more to the track listing than just the well known tunes. Avid Disney fans all have an opinion on the best Pocahontas songs. Perhaps you like "Savages," one of the darker Disney tunes, or the rousing opening "The Virginia Company." Browse this list and give all the songs a listen! 

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  • Just Around the Riverbend

    Just Around the Riverbend

    38 votes
  • Savages


    29 votes
  • Steady as the Beating Drum

    Steady as the Beating Drum

    31 votes
  • Listen With Your Heart

    Listen With Your Heart

    24 votes
  • If I Never Knew You

    If I Never Knew You

    28 votes