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Known for boldly addressing the then hot button issue of interracial relationshipsSouth Pacific is one of Rodgers and Hammerstein's most beloved shows. Anyone with even a passing familiarity with Broadway knows a few tunes from the South Pacific soundtrack. Musical theater is a genre often snubbed by the theater world, but the brashness of the musical's political undertones - and the bravery of its authors to stick to their original conception, despite heavy backlash - landed South Pacific Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1951. Several of the show's songs are veritable American standards, covered by big time singers like Frank Sinatra during the heyday of big band music. But what are the best songs in South Pacific? Help us decide! Below, you will find all the South Pacific songs ranked by your votes. 

"You've Got To Be Carefully Taught" is by far the most controversial tune to come out of the show. The song dealt with the manner in which racial and ethnic prejudice is taught to people from an early age, commentary many found too controversial for the Broadway stage. There were even legislative challenges to the show over the song, but Rodgers and Hammerstein refused to take it out of the production. However, the South Pacific soundtrack listing has more lighthearted tunes that you could put on a fun Broadway playlist. The show brought us classics like "Some Enchanted Evening," "Happy Talk," and "I'm In Love With A Wonderful Guy."

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Some Enchanted Evening

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You've Got to Be Carefully Taught

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I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair

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Younger Than Springtime

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Bloody Mary

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There Is Nothing Like a Dame

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Happy Talk

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Bali Ha'i

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I'm in Love with a Wonderful Guy

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A Cockeyed Optimist

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Honey Bun

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Finale: Act I

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Honey Bun (reprise)

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Some Enchanted Evening (reprise)

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Twin Soliloquies

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Soft Shoe Dance