Every Song in Spring Awakening, Ranked by Singability

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Vote up the songs in Spring Awakening you just can't get out of your head (not that you want to).

As the musical's known for boldly tackling adolescent sexuality, it's no surprise many songs in the Spring Awakening soundtrack are raw reflections on dealing with new and confusing thoughts and feelings during your teenage years. A musical with a bold and progressive agenda about the importance of sex education, the show has remained relevant for years as such subjects are still sources of debate. All the show's tunes have intense messages related to the theme, but which are the best? Below, you'll find all Spring Awakening songs ranked by fans. Cast your vote to help decide the most outstanding songs of the show.  

There are plenty of winners on the Spring Awakening track listing for you to peruse. “Those You've Known” finds Melchior overwhelmed by grief, but strengthened by the memories of his friends Mortiz and Wendla. Melchior laments the frustrations of feeling stuck between childhood and adulthood as a teenager in "The Mirror-Blue Night." The emotional finale that is "The Song of Purple Summer" promises a better future, despite the show's rather bleak ending. Give the below playlist a listen and vote up the best songs!

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  • Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind

    Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind

    53 votes
  • Totally F*cked

    Totally F*cked

    41 votes
  • The B*tch of Living

    The B*tch of Living

    66 votes
  • Touch Me

    Touch Me

    64 votes
  • The Dark I Know Well

    The Dark I Know Well

    52 votes
  • And Then There Were None

    And Then There Were None

    39 votes