Every Song in Tangled, Ranked by Singability

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Despite looking like a conventional Disney princess flick at first glance, Tangled's twisted tower and terrifying Mother Gothel make it one of the darker kids movies out there. Adapted into a Disney cruise musical in 2010, with three new songs, the Tangled soundtrack remains popular for musical theater fans. Here, you'll find all Tangled songs ranked. 

Keeping in the spirit of its sinister undertones, "Mother Knows Best" is definitely a fan favorite. The number features Mother Gothel slyly manipulating Rapunzel into staying in the tower against her will. However, the track listing isn't all bleak. Those who appreciate bouncier, more jovial tunes certainly have some love for "When Will My Life Begin?" and "I've Got A Dream." Browse this playlist below and be sure to vote up the best songs in Tangled. 

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  • I See the Light

    I See the Light

    108 votes
  • When Will My Life Begin?

    When Will My Life Begin?

    107 votes
  • I've Got a Dream

    I've Got a Dream

    91 votes
  • Mother Knows Best

    Mother Knows Best

    85 votes
  • Healing Incantation

    Healing Incantation

    77 votes
  • Something That I Want

    Something That I Want

    50 votes