Every Song in Tarzan, Ranked by Singability

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A fixture of popular culture since its first iteration in the early 1900s, Disney took on the story of Tarzan with their critically acclaimed 1999 film. The movie proved such a success, it hit Broadway in 2006 where fans could hear the beloved Tarzan soundtrack live on stage. Lovers of both musical theater and all things Disney undoubtedly have opinions on the best songs in the show. Here, you'll find all Tarzan songs ranked by fans! 

There are plenty of modern classics found on the Tarzan track listing. "You'll Be In My Heart" is such a well known song, even those who've never seen Tarzan know some of the words. “Waiting for This Moment” finds Jane becoming evermore transfixed by the beauty of the jungle. Jane decides to live with Tarzan in the jungle during the final reprise of “Two Worlds.” Give this Tarzan playlist a listen and then vote up the best songs! 

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  • Strangers Like Me

    Strangers Like Me

    93 votes
  • You'll Be In My Heart

    You'll Be In My Heart

    85 votes
  • Son of Man

    Son of Man

    68 votes
  • Two Worlds

    Two Worlds

    43 votes
  • Two Worlds (Finale)

    Two Worlds (Finale)

    26 votes
  • Trashin' the Camp

    Trashin' the Camp

    36 votes