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Given it's a true tearjerker of a musical, The Last Five Years soundtrack is full of bittersweet melodies that will leave even the most emotionally resilient viewer sniffling. Based on the real life divorce of its writer, the songs range in musical style but all share the common element of being about the trials and tribulations of falling in and out of love. Here, you'll find all The Last Five Years songs ranked by fans! 

The show employs a unique narrative structure. Both the main characters tell their own version of their love story, one moving in chronological order and the other moving in reverse chronological order. This means much of the track listing, such as "Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You," is a tragic juxtaposition of the joy at a relationship's beginning and the sadness at its end. However, the show offers some comic relief. "Shiksa Goddess," for example, is a fun number that lightens up the melancholy nature of the musical. Give this playlist a listen and be sure to vote up the best songs in The Last Five Years! 

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Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You

9 2
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Shiksa Goddess

9 5
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Still Hurting

5 1
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A Summer in Ohio

6 3
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Moving Too Fast

5 2
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Climbing Uphill/Audition Sequence

4 1
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I Can Do Better Than That

7 5
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See I'm Smiling

3 1
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A Miracle Would Happen/When You Come Home to Me

3 2
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If I Didn't Believe in You

3 2
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Nobody Needs to Know

2 3
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The Schmuel Song

4 6
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I'm A Part of That

1 4
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The Next Ten Minutes