Every Song in The Producers, Ranked by Singability

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Edgy, sardonic, and downright hilarious, musical theater nerds with an offbeat sense of humor certainly have opinions on the best songs in The Producers. When a musical's based on a Mel Brooks film, you know you're in for some serious laughs. The story of two hapless producers attempting to make the worst show in history, the outrageously offensive musical-within-a-musical that gave us "Springtime for Hitler" has been the cause of guilty pleasure giggles for years. Here, you'll find all The Producers songs ranked by fans! 

The Producers soundtrack listing is not your average musical theater playlist. Eschewing the cheesy and sentimental tunes often associated with Broadway, the songs instead opt for strings of off-color jokes. From Max and Leo bemoaning their good fortune in "Where Did We Go Right?" to the hilariously oblivious director belting out "Keep It Gay," give the below songs a listen if you need a good laugh. 

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  • Keep It Gay

    Keep It Gay

    18 votes
  • Springtime for Hitler

    Springtime for Hitler

    38 votes
  • We Can Do It

    We Can Do It

    12 votes
  • Betrayed


    14 votes
  • Heil Myself

    Heil Myself

    17 votes
  • Haben Sie gehört das deutsche Band?

    Haben Sie gehört das deutsche Band?

    13 votes