Every Song in Thoroughly Modern Millie, Ranked by Singability

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Vote up the songs in Thoroughly Modern Millie you just can't get out of your head (not that you want to).

Lighthearted and a little quirky, Thoroughly Modern Millie started out as a Julie Andrews-starring film that made its way to Broadway in 2002. A classic saga of a small town girl caught up in unexpected big city adventures, musical theater fans certainly have opinions on the best Thoroughly Modern Millie songs. From the oh-so-catchy title song to the more obscure numbers, what's your favorite ditty from the musical's track listing? Here, you'll find all songs in Thoroughly Modern Millie ranked by fans.

There are many memorable numbers in the Thoroughly Modern Millie soundtrack and the musical is known for its jaunty, toe-tapping tunes. "Not for the Life of Me” finds Millie embracing life in New York and foregoing her return to Kansas.  Millie embraces love over money in the tune “Gimme, Gimme.” Give the below playlist a listen and vote up the highest quality songs. 

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  • Gimme Gimme

    Gimme Gimme

    26 votes
  • Not for the Life of Me

    Not for the Life of Me

    16 votes
  • Forget About the Boy

    Forget About the Boy

    19 votes
  • Jimmy


    12 votes
  • I Turned the Corner/Falling in Love with Someone

    I Turned the Corner/Falling in Love with Someone

    16 votes
  • The Speed Test

    The Speed Test

    13 votes