Every Song in Tommy, Ranked by Singability

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Coming in on the tail end of a decade where revolution was ripe and spiritual transcendence felt like a tenable reality, the 1969 album Tommy was quintessentially '60s and delightfully original. Tommy, inspired by the works of Indian spiritual master Meher Baba, was the saga of the psychosomatically deaf, dumb, and blind boy whose enhanced sense of imagination inspires a religious following. Eventually turned into a hit Broadway show, both avid fans of The Who and musical theater nerds have opinions on the Tommy soundtrack. Here, you will find all the Tommy songs ranked by singability. 

We all know "Pinball Wizard," but Who fanatics may give you flak for citing the song as a favorite. It was actually written as a ploy by Townshend to win favor with a critic who was a massive pinball fan. However, does the fact the song was born from pandering really diminish its artistic prowess? More obscure songs are also fan favorites. Maybe you like the haunting character introductions in "Cousin Kevin," "Fiddle About," and "Sally Simpson." Perhaps you're a fan of the bold, fast-paced sound of "Go to the Mirror," which allowed the late Keith Moon to show off his phenomenal drumming skills. 

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