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Both a quintessentially American immigration story and a classic tragedy, the West Side Story soundtrack remains one of the most beloved in the musical world. When it debuted in 1957, critics were astounded by the memorable Stephen Sondheim lyrics combined with Jerome Robbins's electric choreography, bringing the story of Romeo and Juliet into a modern setting. The show raised of the bar of possibility for the musical theater world, showcasing diversity by making a Puerto Rican woman the romantic lead and transforming the streets of Manhattan into an operatic backdrop ripe with drama. After the musical was adapted into a film starring Natalie Wood, it became impossible not to recognize songs from the production. Even non-theater nerds know at least a few lines to "I Feel Pretty" and "America." But what are the best songs in West Side Story? Help decide below. Here, you'll find all the West Side Story songs, ranked by your votes.

If you were to make a West Side Story playlist for a night of belting out Broadway tunes with friends, what would you include? “I Feel Pretty” is a fun and flirty song, which finds Maria reveling in her happiness after meeting the boy of her dreams. Frequently used on commercials, the song is now a pop culture staple in the United States. “Tonight” epitomizes the love felt between Maria and Tony and it reappears later in the musical as a suspenseful quintet. "Gee, Officer Krupke" is a humorous song in which the Jets try to excuse their unruly behavior by telling sob stories to a police officer. Each song has a purpose in terms of building character and driving the story to its ultimate, tragic conclusion. 

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  • America


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  • Tonight


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  • Maria


    98 votes
  • I Feel Pretty

    I Feel Pretty

    81 votes
  • Somewhere


    80 votes
  • Gee, Officer Krupke

    Gee, Officer Krupke

    81 votes