The Best Songs of 2013

List Rules
Only songs that were released in 2013. Songs that were released in 2012 but became popular are associated with 2013 (ex. "Thrift Shop") are okay for this list

This is a list of the best songs of 2013. This is the culmination of the greatest songs of this past year. This will be a highly disputed category, as taste will inevitably reign supreme, and taste is highly differentiated from person to person. The list will determine what songs can transcend time and space, which artists can successfully cross genre, which artists can unite popular opinion and entertain the masses.

This list contains the likes of newcomers Haim, with their breakout hit Falling. This list contains the insane robot bass droppings of weirdo Skrillex. This list contains the amazing Chance the Rapper, with his masterpiece song Chain Smoker.

What determines a great song? What is the most popular style of music? What is trendy, what will fall down from the grace of all billboard charts and dissolve into oblivion? What songs will outlast us and remain at the top as legendary songs? Do our opinions matter? Do opinions lead to fact in the ever changing dispute of what makes music great? 

Your opinions matter tremendously! You will vote and contribute your favorite songs that we have missed. You will vote up your favorite songs, and vote down the mistakes, those songs that you think should have never seen the light of day. So what will it be? Let the people know, and comment your further dissertation researched for hours and hours through worn and torn headphones and speakers.
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