Best Songs of the Last Five Queen Albums

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Studio songs only, from 1984-on

While later-era Queen was massive in the UK and plenty of other countries, in the US Queen's popularity took a nosedive after the universally reviled Hot Space (and particularly single "Body Language"), and frankly never recovered. Too bad for Americans, as there were some classic songs of later-era Queen, though an argument could certainly be made that the albums weren't as consistent as their classic era. , 

Queen also never toured the US on these albums (Queen's touring ended after A Kind Of Magic in 1986, though at the time we didn't realize Freddie's condition was the cause). Stylistically these songs were quite diverse, but then again Queen throughout their career were genre-hoppers. 

Use this list as a primer for recommendations for the underplayed era of this great band, the likes of which we still haven't seen since. 

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