The Best Songs Recorded by Movie Stars

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Rockstars...or should they stick to their day job on the bigscreen? Vote up your fave songs from film stars.

Singers and songwriters have often become actors and actresses, but what about the Hollywood actors who go from making movies to making music? This list compiles the absolute top songs ever released by film stars. The best music from movie stars are all ranked here for your viewing and listening pleasure. So check out the greatest hits that spawned from our silver screen stars deciding to take that leap into the wonderful world of music.

Steve Martin has been delighting some and frustrating others as he's crossed over from leading man to lead banjo. Another movie star turned music video star is Lindsay Lohan, when she attempted entering the pop music world. Kevin Bacon and Bruce Willis are two guys who also like to rock out, and who can forget Eddie Murphy's "Party All The Time?" Jeff Daniels even came out with a song called "If William Shatner Can, I Can Too."

Enjoy the cream of the crop via this list of the best songs ever made by a movie star - and vote up your favorites.