Modern Songs With Whistling Parts, Ranked By How Much The Whistling Gets Stuck In Your Head

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Vote up the songs whose whistling parts get stuck in your head the most. Vote down the songs with whistling parts that aren't as catchy.

Whistling isn't a particularly common occurrence in modern pop music, but some artists have found interesting ways to incorporate it into songs across various genres. Whistling is seemingly an inherent earworm, but whether that wriggly whistle comes across as delightfully catchy or obnoxiously shrill is entirely up to the listener. 

Below are 15 post-2000 pop songs that contain whistling parts. Vote up the songs whose whistling parts get stuck in your head and refuse to leave, whether you're happy about it or not. Vote down the songs with whistling parts that just aren't quite as memorable.

  • OneRepublic - 'I Ain't Worried'
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    OneRepublic - 'I Ain't Worried'

    Thanks to one of the most popular movies of 2022, Top Gun: Maverick, OneRepublic's “I Ain't Worried” got an extra boost in the mainstream as an original single on the movie's soundtrack. The track immediately opens with its catchy whistling hook, a prominent part of the upbeat song that never overstays its welcome.

    73 votes
  • Foster The People - 'Pumped Up Kicks'
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    Foster The People's 2011 hit “Pumped Up Kicks” is both catchy and controversial, and due to its subject matter, the song's subtle whistling part might not be its most memorable feature. However, coming in twice toward the end of the song, the whistling mimics the very memorable chorus melody, essentially giving the whistling its own inherent catchiness.

    42 votes
  • Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - 'Home'
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    Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - 'Home'

    Arguably one of the most ubiquitous whistles of the 2000s leads Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros's 2010 indie folk hit “Home.” The song has been featured in commercials, TV shows, movies, and viral TikToks aplenty. For over a decade, “Home” has endured through many mediums with an instantly recognizable whistle. 

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  • Flo Rida - 'Whistle'
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    Flo Rida - 'Whistle'

    Flo Rida's 2012 single “Whistle” isn't exactly subtle with its salacious lyrical intent, making it a bit perplexing as to why it was performed in a Season 4 episode of Glee. Maybe it's the summery, upbeat pop vibes or its catchy hook, or it could be the earworm of its repetitive, titular whistle part that would fit well as an iPhone text tone.

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  • Maroon 5 - 'Moves Like Jagger'
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    Maroon 5's 2010 hit “Moves Like Jagger,” featuring Christina Aguilera, opens with a repeating whistle part that sets up the chorus later to come. With each chorus, the whistle comes into play, running tandem with Adam Levine's declaration, “I got the mooooooves like Jagger.” The whistle is seemingly buried in the mix a little, as to not overwhelm the rest of the instrumentation or vocals.

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  • Peter Bjorn and John - 'Young Folks'
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    Peter Bjorn and John's 2006 hit “Young Folks” has one of the most pronounced whistling parts in indie music. Some might argue the whistling is the most memorable part of the song. Interestingly, bassist Björn Yttling originally included the whistling as a placeholder when writing the song, intending to later replace it with an instrument. When later listening to the earliest versions of the track, the band decided the whistling sounded good, so they kept it - and the rest is history.

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