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The Best And Most Brutal Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Memes

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The live-action movie of the 1990s videogame franchise Sonic the Hedgehog is set to premiere on November 8, 2019, but the film has already generated plenty of discussion on the internet. With two different Sonic movie posters, people have criticized the blue hedgehog's design for its attempt - and failure - at establishing realism. Rather than using his short and stocky cartoon design, the filmmakers have apparently instead opted to make him as a lean and lanky human like monstrosity. Twitter, Reddit, and many other forums have generated brutal memes to mock the new Sonic movie, even prompting the creators of Sonic, in his many iterations, to criticize his over-the-top realism.

Since Sonic was first introduced, he has been a favorite video game mascot. There have been 78 Sonic games and 4 different tv shows, including one of the 100 best '90s cartoons, but since his humble beginnings on the Sega Genesis, he has gone through multiple changes and iterations with the hopes of making him the coolest and most "rad" character possible. It's unfortunately obvious from these Sonic the Hedgehog memes that the effort to make him relevant is backfiring.

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    Hyped For The Live Action Movie


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    Why Not Make Him As Realistic As Possible?

    Why Not Make Him As Realistic As Possible?
    Photo: Nepolga / Know Your Meme
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    Sonic's Fabulous Behind


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    Sonic Is Ready For A Perfect Victory

    Sonic Is Ready For A Perfect Victory
    Photo: /u/Galshayer / Reddit
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