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The Best Editions Of Sorry!

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Just about every family has (or had) at least one edition of the classic game Sorry! in their board game library. It's one of those games that's been around so long, it's become ubiquitous, and because it's been so successful, Hasbro Gaming and Parker Brothers have released different versions, alternate editions, spin-offs, and variant games over the years.

From classic crossovers like Sorry! Disney and Sorry! Simpsons to entirely new gaming variants like Sorry! Not Sorry, this list ranks all the best (and most unique) versions of Sorry! over the years. There might be more than you think.

While most of the games follow the same rules, an aesthetic change of pace makes some of these editions of Sorry! stand apart from the rest. Check out this list of the best editions of Sorry! Hasbro and Parker Brothers have released over the years, and don't forget to vote up your favorite to see which one rises to the top!

  • Features: A stylish version with real wooden pawns

    Ages: 6+

    If you want to play Sorry! in the same way, it was released back in 1958, you can! Sorry! Retro Series 1958 Edition is a reprint of the original game design. Everything included is exactly how it was when the game was originally released, so this is a perfect addition to a game room that prefers to honor the classics.

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    • Features: The classic game of Sorry!, but for adults.

      Ages: 12+

      Sorry! Not Sorry! takes the classic game and adds an adult twist that's fun for any game night. The game is inspired by the original, and featured players moving, jumping, and sliding around the board, but the cards included are more of a "have you ever" sort of question you might not want to play with the kids. It's a classic game that gets personal with "yes" and "no" questions most would prefer not to answer, so play at your own risk!

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      • Features: This Disney version features all your favorite characters.

        Ages: 6+

        The Sorry! Disney Edition game features all the characters and settings we all loved growing up! The gameplay isn't altered much to suit the new theme, but the imagery used makes the game entertaining for children of all ages!

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          Features: Spongebob and Sorry!, what's not to love?

          Ages: 6+

          Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!! And, yes... he's Sorry! Now you can play a Spongebob version of the classic game from Parker Brothers! The gameplay isn't altered much, but everything about this edition screams "Spongebob," and fans of the cartoon are sure to love playing it!

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