The Best Soundwave Toys, Ranked
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The Best Soundwave Toys, Ranked

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Even though Soundwave is technically just a communications officer in the Decepticon army, he might have some of the greatest Transformer toys of all time. While most Transformers' alternate modes turn them into tanks or racing cars, the best Soundwave toys actually transform him into a music player.

Not only is this transformation perfect for sneaking into places that wouldn't make sense for, say, a pickup truck to break into, Soundwave's alt mode makes for a pretty uniquely cool toy. Many different Soundwave versions over the years have included the ability to turn him into actual functioning cassette players, MP3 players, and even a fully useable Mi Pad 2 Tablet. Talk about more than meets the eye!

But which version is superior? Is it one that streams Spotify or the original Generation 1 Soundwave toy you have hidden somewhere in your parents' basement? We've created a list of some of the best Soundwave toys throughout history, and it's up to you to vote up your favorites. While it may be hard to pick the best Soundwave figure of all time, there's no denying each iteration has its own awesome features. Be sure to your favorite versions up to the top.

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  • Masterpiece Soundwave
    Photo: Takara

    Release date: 2013

    Toyline: Masterpiece

    Alt mode: Microcassette Player

    While one could make the argument that MP-13 is the single greatest Masterpiece Transformer ever made, there's no denying he's at least in the top 3. While the Japanese release features a red visor, the American version is yellow and comes with his trusted tapes.

    194 votes
  • G1 Soundwave
    Photo: Takara
    179 VOTES

    Release date: 1984

    Toyline: Generation One

    Alt mode: Microcassette Recorder

    The original Soundwave in all his '80s glory, he features a spring-loaded tape deck and transforms into a pocket-sized tape recorder. Tapes sold separately.

    179 votes
  • Siege Soundwave
    Photo: Hasbro
    175 VOTES

    Release date: 2019

    Toyline: War for Cybertron

    Alt mode: Microcassette Player, Cannon

    Siege Soundwave looks just like the original '80s toy but with a modern update. In addition to sporting the same weapons and accessories, this one also turns into a giant space cannon.

    175 votes
  • Music Label Soundwave
    Photo: Takara

    Release date: 2007

    Toyline: Transformers Music Label

    Alt mode: MP3 Player

    Released as part of a niche toyline, Music Label Soundwave turns into a modern MP3 player. What's more, it actually works!

    143 votes
  • Titans Return Soundwave
    Photo: Amazon

    Release date: 2016

    Toyline: Titans Return

    Alt mode: Soundbar and Stage

    The classic-looking Soundwave features a spring-loaded tapedeck and transforms into an entire sound stage. Eat your heart out, Blaster.

    142 votes
  • G1 Soundblaster
    Photo: Takara
    131 VOTES

    Release date: 1987

    Toyline: Headmasters

    Alt mode: Microcassette Recorder

    In the Japanese Headmaster series, Soundwave was badly injured and retooled into Soundblaster. The toy's basically the exact same mode as the original, only it features a sweet black-and-red design.

    131 votes